VIP Coaching


With Ron McDiarmid as your Personal Coach/Hypnotherapist, you will break through your barriers, both internal and external, and become clear on what you have to offer and how to bring it forward into the world.

Within three OR six months, you will hardly recognize the person you have become. You will transform your life in a way that has you feeling fulfilled, joyful, motivated and energized. You will be clear on what you are working towards, able to make decisions with confidence and fuelled to continually take your life to the next level.

The VIP Coaching will include Hypnosis which is unique to any other Coaching programs available.


Coaching sessions personalized + customized to get you from where you are to where you want to go. There are 2 coaching options:

  • 3 Month $3997
  • 6 Month $7997
  • (Payment Plan available)

As your coach my goal is to remind you that you’re worth it, you’re not broken, you can give yourself permission and most of all it’s to provide you with sustainable tools, support + information you need to continue on your path, wherever it may take you.

If you’re ready to make the investment in yourself + want to learn more, please schedule a 30-minute mini session (no obligation + totally free) so we can see if we are a good match for working together.

What do you desire?

Where are you challenged?

What is & isn't working in your life right now?

What areas need the most attention?

Based on that, I will spend time creating a completely custom program for your specific needs. Together we will review it, schedule our sessions + get started.

Let’s make a start and help you to help yourself to reach your full potential. Click CONTACT RON to schedule your FREE consultation.