Shift My Weight

“Don’t wait to lose weight.”

You’ve tried dieting, along with every form of exercise that even remotely breaks a sweat, but still can’t ditch the weight. You’ve hired trainers, doctors, nutritionists. But there may be another professional you’re overlooking—one who holds the key to keeping your weaknesses from winning: a hypnotist.

You’re probably sceptical but that’s ok.

Hypnosis is for anyone looking for a gentle way to lose weight and make healthy eating into a habit. One person it’s not for? Anyone interested in a quick fix.

Reframing problematic thoughts about food takes time —The weight drops off slowly and surely, without huge changes to your lifestyle. Some people for the first time ever, actually taste their food and spend time to take in flavours and textures.

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Some people start a love affair with food, but are able to do so whilst losing weight. Do you want to change your life…we can do it together! Book a FREE Consultation NOW…start loving yourself with LoveHypnosis.

12 Months Free Follow up & Support

If you undergo a crisis situation and you have possibly fallen off the wagon so to speak within 12 months of your last session, make an appointment to see me immediately. It will be free of charge!

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

All packages include…

Free Consultation

First, you’ll receive a free consultation…

Weekly Sessions

Secondly, a package of 4 weekly sessions…

Coaching Call

Followed by a FREE one hour live coaching call…

Digital eBook

Plus a FREE digital eBook about hypnosis and how it can change your life…

Only $997

All this for only $997 or 4 payments of $300 over one month.

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