Get Rid of Stress

“Dear Stress, let’s break Up”

Medication is usually offered to the anxiety ridden patient as the first line of treatment. This may work for some people, but it is more like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound.

From time to time we all get ‘up tight’. We worry, and we worry and we worry more….

Relaxation is furthest from our mind in times of stress.

Hypnosis can be used for stress management in two ways. First, you can use hypnosis to get into a deeply relaxed state, fighting tension and triggering your relaxation response. This will help to prevent health problems due to chronic stress. Next, hypnosis can also help you achieve various healthy lifestyle changes that can reduce the amount of stress you encounter in your life.

Stress. .. It’s such a small word…..Six little letters, and three of those are the same.

And yet, it’s one of the biggest issues faced by people across the globe.

Too much stress can lead to a whole host of physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural problems.

More people feel burned out from work than ever. And job stress is responsible for more health complaints than money or family problems.

If left unchecked, this stress won’t simply fade away. It can lead to severe anxiety. That’s why hypnotherapy is such a powerful weapon against stress. Unlike medication, it’s entirely natural. There are no side-effects. You won’t get hooked on it.

Instead of covering it up, hypnotherapy gets at the root of the problem. It changes the way you respond to stress. It provides techniques to deal with the physical and emotional stressors in your life.

It puts you back in control.

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